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We are ATC specialists, who just happen to be good at consulting, improving or establishing training centers

Integra Aviation Academy is the ‘special forces’ of the ATC training world. A small selected team of individual specialists that always gets the job done to the agreed time and to our customer’s satisfaction.

Even if it’s sometimes hard to imagine that you can improve the quality of your training set-up, increase its efficiency or reduce the associated costs – our team will help you achieve financial gains, and together we will not only improve your training facilities, we will help bring them to a new level.

Henrik Schjolberg

General Manager IAAN

Henrik is a senior aviation specialist coming from the commercial aviation business where he flew as a captain…Read more

…in the private charter market. His strong inter-personal skills were used in the recruitment and training of professional pilots and by his experience as a
Flight instructor in the US. His structured and analytical skills combined with his extensive pilot experience makes Henrik a key asset of IAAN.

Anette Eriksen

Head Backoffice/Admin

Anette is IAAN coordinator and ATC Sim-pilot. She has several years of service experience in the aviation industry…Read more

…as well as she is the owner of a valid civilian pilot license. Anette’s European and American flight experience is contagious to a very high level of performance among our Sim-pilot group.
Her structured approach to different task combined with her positive and creative mindset is a guarantee for quality by IAAN

Aleksander Hedquist

Head Sim Pilot

Aleksander has a unique background as a flight instructor in USA and a commercial pilot license. His experience in instructing…Read more

…and flying as well as organizational skills makes him a valuable member of our team. Aleksander leads the sim pilot team at Integra Aviation as well as executes flawlessly other important projects for Integra Aviation.

Skyguide Training Center – STC

Skyguide is the Swiss ANS provider, managing the complex air traffic control environment in the center of Europe. Skyguides’ Training Center (STC) has a global reputation for high quality training service provision in all ATM fields.
STC is internationally certified according to the European Commission regulation (EC) 805/2011 and nationally approved as a school for higher vocational training (HF – Höhere Fachschule/ ES – Ecole supérieure). All courses are conducted by multilingual instructors with international operational and pedagogical experience.

Read more

The STC uses the most modern and state-of-the-art training equipment that enhances the customers training experience with a strong focus on the operational environment. As a global training provider, STC provides on-site and off-site training and consultancy to meet the needs of their international customers.
The STC and Integra are connected through a long professional and personal connection, and have been cooperating on a number of international projects such as the recent establishment of a Tower Training Center in Oslo.

Czech Air Navigation Institute – CANI

The Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI) is a modern fully equipped Air Navigation Services center with 30 years of industry and Air Traffic Control training experience.
CANI, owned by the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, is one of the leading training center in Europe providing state-of-the-art training within many different areas of the aviation sector including airline crew and pilots. They have a strong customer focus, multi-national team of qualified instructors, deep domain knowledge that has made CANI the training provider of choice for many Air Navigation Service Providers from Europe and beyond.
CANI and Integra have been cooperating successfully since 1993.

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