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Don’t ask what we can do – ask if there is something we can’t do!

Integra Aviation Academy is a one-stop-shop for all types of services related to the provision of ATC training. In ATC training one size does not fit all and every customer is typically confronted with a specific set of challenges and has individual preferences when it comes to training strategy. Based on the widespread Integra network and due to the close cooperation with our partner organizations, IAAN is able to provide a wide range of services within its portfolio. Below is a selection of service areas where IAAN can provide support, but this overview is not exhaustive. Please get in contact with us and challenge us with your problem!

Train on our Campus Oslo

Are you in need of training your operators on new, state-of-the art 3D simulators in a highly professional environment ? On our campus in Oslo you will have the ability to conduct your training according to your wishes and preferences. We provide highly skilled simulator pilots, a fully equipped training facility and access to SIM experts that can help you to re-design your exercises or make new ones from scratch.

Get your own training center

IAAN can help you to establish your own training facility. We can assess your demand, select the optimal Simulator Hardware, procure all equipment, help you define training concepts and recruit staff to operate and run the training center. We can also run it for you! Whatever form of cooperation with us and ownership of the training center you desire – we can accommodate your preference.

Consulting Services

Under the umbrella ‘consulting services’ we offer all sorts of advisory service your organization could possibly need. Thanks to our network and our partners we are able to make IAAN a one-stop-shop for the entire value chain within the production and execution of training services and operations. We can help you define your needs, project your needs into the future and help you find the most suitable solution that matches exactly what you need. Whether you need financial advice, support with the production of tender documentation, require full compliance with existing regulations, seek help with the procurement of equipment or help with the operation of a training center – IAAN is the place you have been looking for.

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